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2 Hurricane Katrina: Challenges, Concerns, Policies, and Needs
Pages 12-15

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From page 12...
... Following the search and rescue efforts, the EPA immediately turned its attention to its primary responsibilities under the national response plan. The national response plan is the primary plan of coordination for the federal response to incidents of national significance, such as Hurricane Katrina.
From page 13...
... EPA also has its own emergency operation center and sends coordinators to the threatened areas. For Hurricane Katrina, EPA provided guidance on debris issues and assisted in the restoration of drinking water and wastewater treatment systems and the associated infrastructure.
From page 14...
... Although EPA has stationary monitors throughout the country, most of the monitors in the Gulf Coast were damaged or destroyed during the initial disaster. To gather data, EPA used a very sophisticated aircraft called ASPECT (airborne spectral photometric environmental collection technology)
From page 15...
... The agency used all means of communication, including TV appearances, radio announcements, public service announcements, press conferences, press releases, and safety advisories, and it posted information on its website using a new tool called Enviromapper, which combines interactive maps and aerial photography in order to display the test results from specific floodwater and sediment sampling sites in Louisiana. EPA's commitment to communicate effectively was met, and the decision makers, the public, and the affected people could make informed decisions on the basis of the information provided by the agency.

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