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3 Hurricane Katrina: Challenges for the Community
Pages 16-21

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From page 16...
... This was a daunting task that required evacuating the most densely populated area of the state to unaffected regions both within the state and in other states around the country. The state of Louisiana evacuated approximately 1.5 million people before Hurricane Katrina made landfall.
From page 17...
... · Potable water. Public health service and sanitation professionals were monitoring both municipal and community water quality and successfully conveying health warnings when water was not safe to drink.
From page 18...
... Many health care facilities, including the downtown Office of Public Health, were closed after the storm, and at the time of the workshop, only 200 of the central Office of Public Health employees in New Orleans had reported back to work. The economic impact of the storm will change the future of the entire country,
From page 19...
... The city's public health officials interpreted the exposure data received from scientists for the general population and worked on determining how to protect and ensure the safety of the people who chose to return to their homes. Sediment Data in New Orleans Hurricane Katrina inundated New Orleans with contaminated floodwaters, making the city a unique toxic dump site.
From page 20...
... Initially, there was a rise in respiratory illnesses, 25 y 20 Dayb 15 atientsP 10 of % 5 0 8/27 9/3 9/10 9/17 9/24 10/1 Date of Visit FIGURE 3-1 Because E coli from exposure to contaminated floodwaters was a concern, the city's public health officials conducted a survey of patients with diarrhea.
From page 21...
... The last question is very important because public health officers need to reassure the public. False reassurance would serve no purpose and could impede the recovery, cautioned Stephens.

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