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8 Moving Forward
Pages 68-71

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From page 68...
... Third, the workshop discussed how the public health community can use the dialogue to gain knowledge for preparation for future events. This workshop did not consist of lessons learned during the response, but rather was an examination of the science needed to inform the ongoing response during disasters of this magnitude.
From page 69...
... From a practical aspect, the question remains how people will be able to remediate their homes and where they will be able to obtain the financing for such endeavors. The public health community has learned from 9/11 about posttraumatic stress disorder and depression in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.
From page 70...
... It is the only way to return the city to habitability in the near future, and it needs to be done in a way that makes the city more resilient to future events. STRATEGIES FOR THE FUTURE From a public health viewpoint, we need to look at shelters and evacuation routes.
From page 71...
... During the storm dramatic pictures were shown of flying debris that could cause injury to residents. Although this is of concern to the public health community, the solution will require the help of other disciplines to build more resilient materials.

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