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... of our scientists and engineers in designing and discovering the next generation of chemicals and materials so that the chemi- This summary is a compilation of the three main speaker cals and materials provide increased performance and value sessions and the six breakout session discussions that alwhile meeting all goals to protect and enhance human health lowed the participants to explore how to make green chemisand the environment." try and engineering an integral part of curricula at all educa In this workshop, widespread implementation of green tional levels. The three main speaker session topics were (1)
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... House and Senate after what mechanisms existed for funding. According to the sur passing the first hurdle of the House in April 2004.4 A third vey results, in addition to helping teach technical issues, the example provided by Anastas was the placement of green main benefits of teaching green chemistry and green engi chemistry education on the Carnegie Groups' agenda (e.g., neering were enthusiasm, continued interest, and increased Center for Sustainable Engineering)

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