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5 Overarching Curricula and Implementation Ideas
Pages 25-28

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From page 25...
... Five themes that came United States create hurdles for the green community beup throughout the two days and in multiple education cat- cause they create cultural differences. egories were (1)
From page 26...
... A standard definition of an LCA is an obADDITIONAL GREEN CURRICULAR IDEAS jective process to evaluate the environmental burdens asso Several ideas for curricular development not mentioned ciated with a product, process, or activity by identifying enin existing green material or in the process of development ergy, materials, and wastes in order to evaluate and
From page 27...
... product design class would be a multidisciplinary subject, so researching telescoping of reactions, Barry Trost (Stanford ideally there would be chemists and business students in University) emphasizing atom economy, and Shannon Stall addition to chemical engineers taking the class.
From page 28...
... The fact that Developing curricular ideas around the issues of margreen business efforts for undergraduate, graduate, and fac keting, occupational health, business education, R1s, and ulty are in motion is evidence that many see it as important. green ethics are also seen as important for the future of green Parent sees one of the issues of selling green education to chemistry and green engineering education.

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