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Appendix A Summary of Pre-Workshop Participant Survey
Pages 29-30

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From page 29...
... The questions together with the tabulated answers are listed below. QUESTION #1 Academe Industry Government Nonprofit Other Integrated Participants sector 74% 3% 11% 6% 3% 3% QUESTION #2 Integrated Separate Both GC/GE Integrated or separate course 76% 9% 15% QUESTION #3 Colleague Lecture Resistance/Lack Crowded Institutional Books Materials of Awareness Curriculum Resistance Other Impediments to incorporation 16% 20% 23% 22% 9% 10% QUESTION #4 Upper-Level Graduate Freshmen Integrated Undergraduate Level Other At what grade level 17% 67% 8% 0% 8% QUESTION #5 Enthusiasm Recruitment & Increased Job Retention Opportunities Other Largest benefit of GC/GE education to student 35% 23% 18% 24% QUESTION #6 Yes No Some Unsure Sufficient funding/support for GC/GE education 3% 91% 3% 3% 29
From page 30...
... Federal, state, and local government Educational institutions Industry, especially those involved with GC/GE Professional societies (e.g., American Chemical Society) All of the above

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