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2 Current Status
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... improvement. current status of green chemistry and engineering education He uses assessment tools to determine what constitutes a by addressing how green chemistry and engineering bring green product or process and improvement tools to answer value to the chemistry and chemical engineering curricula the questions, "Will new engineering design tools be necesand to consider why some educators choose to incorporate sary, or will our existing tools that allow us to minimize mass and energy consumption be sufficient?
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... BeHutchison, professor of chemistry and director of the Mate- cause the green experiments do not require fume hoods, the rials Science Institute at the University of Oregon, who de- laboratory atmosphere can be designed to be more inviting to scribed his green organic chemistry laboratory course. His students and provide a better view of the entire laboratory presentation was titled "Green Chemistry Education Status: environment.
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... .6 to provide another dimension to the current status of green chemistry education. In his talk titled "What Industry Can Doxsee described how the University of Oregon hosts a Green Chemistry Education Workshop7 that focuses on Do to Encourage Green Chemistry Education: A Pfizer Case Study" Cue indicated that industry is interested in implementing green chemistry into organic chemistry curpromoting green chemistry because industry now recognizes its social responsibility to the community.4 Cue described Pfizer's development of the Pfizer Groton Labs 5 Rohm and Haas was recognized for its development of SEAGreen Chemistry Workshop.
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... Bementation for All Ages.8 The textbook focuses heavily on cause the new faculty's green efforts are commonly not recmicroscale chemistry and has at least one chapter that dis- ognized one way or the other, those who do try to incorpocusses green chemistry. The book targets students at elemen- rate green principles are not sure what type of impact they tary levels, including kindergarten, through high school.
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... Addressing these roadblocks, collaborating green chemists or engineers as full-time staff because the with green chemists and engineers at other institutions, and company must provide a competitive salary and benefits. It developing a Green Chemistry Institute workshop for new is important to note that the definition of a green chemist or faculty may provide inspiration and therefore encourage new engineer is still a gray area; some scientists practice green faculty to incorporate green chemistry and engineering con- chemistry or engineering but do not label themselves as cepts into their curricula.

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