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Appendix D Biographical Information for Committee on the Scientific Bases of Colorado River Basin Water Management
Pages 205-210

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From page 205...
... Dr. Smerdon is thus well versed in western water science and policy matters and the NRC study process.
From page 206...
... Luis A Garcia is a professor of civil engineering at Colorado State University, where he specializes in the fields of irrigation and drainage, decision support systems for water resources decision making, and computer modeling and geographic information systems applications.
From page 207...
... Martinez is the president of Water Resources Management Consultants LLC in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Prior to assuming his current position in 2001, Mr.
From page 208...
... 208 Colorado River Basin Water Management tive Framework project, a UN-sponsored effort to forge a basin-wide agreement among the 10 basin states on utilization of Nile water resources. He has argued before the World Court, advised the State Department, and represented foreign governments in river-use disputes.
From page 209...
... Weir is a research associate with the WSTB. She has worked on a number of studies including Everglades restoration progress, water quality improvement in southwestern Pennsylvania, and water sys
From page 210...
... in biology from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennsessee and an M.S. degree in environmental science and policy from Johns Hopkins University.

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