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B Panel Biographical Information
Pages 128-131

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From page 128...
... from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel, and undergraduate and graduate degrees from Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR.
From page 129...
... Dr. Ceyer is a physical chemist with research interests in the area of molecule-surface reaction dynamics as related to heterogeneous catalysis, chemical vapor deposition, and plasma etching chemistry.
From page 130...
... Together with Roberto Car, he introduced the abinitio molecular dynamics method, which he is still developing and applying. This method, which goes under the name of Car-Parrinello method, represents the beginning of a new field and has dramatically influenced the field of electronic structure calculations for solids, liquids, and molecules.
From page 131...
... The work of his research group thus has major implications for improving human health with safer and more effective substances, such as natural products of biomedical importance. He graduated from National Taiwan University with a B.S.

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