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C Journal Analysis
Pages 132-136

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From page 132...
... appendix C Journal Analysis TABLE C-1 List of Journals Examined for Publications and Citations According to Thompson ISI Essential Science Indicators Categories Abbreviated Jounal Name (if 2005 Impact different from title) Factor Multidisciplinary Science 30.93 Science 29.27 Nature P NATL ACAD SCI USA 10.23 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Multidisciplinary Chemistry ANGEW CHEM INT EDIT 9.60 Angewandte Chemie International Edition NANO LETT 9.85 Nano Letters J AM CHEM SOC 7.42 Journal of the American Chemical Society CHEM-EUR J 4.91 Chemistry-A European Journal CHEM COMMUN 4.43 Chemical Communications CHEM LETT 1.83 Chemistry Letters Analytical Chemistry and Biochemical Research Methods MOL CELL PROTEOMICS 9.88 Molecular and Cellular Proteomics J PROTEOME RES 6.90 Journal of Proteome Research 6.09 Proteomics ANAL CHEM 5.64 Analytical Chemistry J ANAL ATOM SPECTROM 3.64 Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry J AM SOC MASS SPECTR 3.63 Journal of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry 3.85 Electrophoresis 
From page 133...
...  APPENDIX C TABLE C-1 Continued Abbreviated Jounal Name (if 2005 Impact different from title) Factor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology NAT BIOTECHNOL 22.74 Nature Biotechnology NAT STRUCT MOL BIOL 12.19 Nature Structure & Molecular Biology (Nature Structural Biology)
From page 134...
...  APPENDIX C TABLE C-1 Continued Abbreviated Jounal Name (if 2005 Impact different from title) Factor Organic and Medicinal Chemistry J MED CHEM 4.93 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry ORG LETT 4.37 Organic Letters J ORG CHEM 3.68 Journal of Organic Chemistry BIOORG MED CHEM LETT 2.48 Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters BIOORGAN MED CHEM 2.29 Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Physical and Computational Chemistry PHYS REV LETT 7.49 Physical Reiew Letters J PHYS CHEM A 2.90 Journal of Physical Chemistry A J PHYS CHEM B 4.03 Journal of Physical Chemistry B J CHEM PHYS 3.14 Journal of Chemical Physics J COMPUT CHEM 3.79 Journal of Computational Chemistry PHYS REV A 3.00 Physical Reiew A SURF SCI 1.78 Surface Science SOURCE: Thomson ISI Essentially Science Indicators.
From page 135...
...  APPENDIX C TABLE C-2 Analysis of Hot Papers Cited May 2004-June 2006 by area and subarea (as determined by the panel)
From page 136...
...  APPENDIX C TABLE C-2 Continued No.

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