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From page 167...
... 3This case derives from the Accountable Talk in Math and Science Project, funded by the Davis Foundation and the Springfield, Massachusetts Public Schools, directed by Susan Catron, Sarah Michaels, and Richard Sohmer. Chapter 2 1 The image of a length of rope representing interwoven strands is borrowed from a previous National Research Council volume on teaching and learning mathematics: National Research Council.
From page 168...
... National Committee on Science Education Standards and Assessment. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.
From page 169...
... 2 Wisconsin Fast Plants is a popular curriculum tool that uses a small, hardy, fast-growing plant spe cies bred by Paul Williams of the University of Wisconsin–Madison for use in educational settings. 3 Lehrer, R., and Schauble, L
From page 170...
... Paper presen ted at the Symposium on Metacognition and Conceptual Change at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (Atlanta, April 1993)

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