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Appendix A: Questions for Practitioners
Pages 171-175

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From page 171...
... What's the difference between this and teaching children how to measure? Where do you see evidence in these case studies of the teachers helping their students develop an understanding of the principles of measurement?
From page 172...
... Faulkner, what would you want to know about the air pressure investigation? How would you want to be kept informed about your child's participation and learning?
From page 173...
... Choose two units of study in a specific grade level in your school. Examine the teacher materials and student texts for evidence that modeling and repre sentation are taught.
From page 174...
... What specific roles should teachers, principals, professional development staff, and assessment professionals play in creating and refining science curriculum? 174 Ready, Set, SCIENCE!
From page 175...
... 3. In what ways are assessment, curriculum, instructional practices, and opportunities for teacher learning aligned in your school or district?

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