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Appendix B: Assessment Items Based on a Learning Progression for Atomic-Molecular Theory
Pages 176-178

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From page 176...
... This task calls for students to form exhaustive classifications based on the distinguishing characteristics of objects. Students who do not understand classifications will fail to systematically pick out all the items of a given type.
From page 177...
... Interpretation: This item assesses whether students realize that air has weight and hence that adding air will make the balloon heavier and the rod tip down. If students understand this, they should select B and explain that air has weight, so it should make the rod go down.
From page 178...
... Interpretation: These questions test whether students believe that what escapes from the boiling water is material, whether they apply conservation of mass to this situation, and what they think escapes from the water. The proportion of students who believe that what escapes from boiling water is still water increases through middle school.

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