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Appendix D: Biographical Sketches of Oversight Group and Coauthors
Pages 181-186

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From page 181...
... She has been a contributor to and a staff person for the National Science Education Standards, a consultant with the Cal Tech Precollege Science Initiative, and a committee member of the Defense Investment Initiative, which assists displaced scientists and engineers who are transitioning to teaching in inner-city schools. She was the director of the Institute for Chemical Education's physics and chemistry camps at the University of Northern Colorado, an instructor for the Apple Teacher Institute and the Apple Colleges of Education, and a teacher trainer for the California Technology Assistance Project.
From page 182...
... In promoting teacher research, she works to support teachers as theorizers, curriculum innovators, and education leaders who use the tools of ethnography and discourse analysis in generating new and usable knowledge for improving instruction and student learning in their own and others' classrooms. Michaels has published widely in the area of classroom discourse analysis, has received numerous awards for both teaching and scholarship, and serves on a wide range of review boards for journals, book series, and educational foundations.
From page 183...
... Prior to her work at Vanderbilt, she worked at the University of Wisconsin, the Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh, and the Children's Television Workshop in New York. She recently served as a member of the Strategic Educational Research Partnership, an NRC-affiliated venture designed to construct a powerful knowledge base, derived from both research and practice, that will support the efforts of school people at all levels with the ultimate goal of significantly improving student learning.
From page 184...
... She was coprin cipal investigator for science on the Delaware Statewide Systemic Initiative. She was also the author and, until she returned to the classroom, coprincipal inves tigator on a five-year National Science Foundation grant to the Lansing School District and Michigan State University for K-8 teacher retention and renewal.
From page 185...
... She received a Spencer Foundation postdoctoral fellowship and a Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning fellowship. She is a member of the National Academies' Teacher Advisory Council.

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