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... Schmidt; back cover Photodisc; ii Harry Heleotis; iii Harry Heleotis; 7 Photodisc; 9 Harry Heleotis; 10 Harry Heleotis; 11 Richard Sohmer; 13 Harry Heleotis; 21 Open Door Images; 22 Digital Stock Corporation; 24 Modeling Nature Project, National Science Foundation; 26 Modeling Nature Project, National Science Foundation; 29 PhotoAlto; 31 Photodisc; 33 Photodisc; 46 (left and right) Richard Sohmer; 47 (left)
From page 201...
... Drawing on a vast array of work learning science in kindergarten through eighth grade. Based on from neuroscience to classroom observation, Taking Science to the National Research Council report Taking Science to School: School provides a comprehensive picture of what we know about Learning and Teaching Science in Grades K-8, this book reviews teaching and learning science from kindergarten through eighth Fold on Perforation and Tear principles derived from the latest educational research and applies grade.
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... All international customers please contact the National Academies Press for export prices and ordering information. ORDER CARD Ready, Set, SCIENCE!

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