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Appendix A Biographical Sketches of Committee Members and Staff
Pages 157-161

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From page 157...
... Ms. Arnold provides operational technical support for conducting post-disaster damage and needs assessments, design of recovery programs, and disaster risk management projects.
From page 158...
... bELA HOvy, advanced degree from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, is the chief of the Migration Section of the Population Division of the United Nations in New York. His areas of expertise include refugee demography, statistics, forced migration, and data management and analysis.
From page 159...
... He has experience analyzing international population data at the national and subnational scale, analysis of data on the international geographic distribution and redistribution of population, geographic information systems, and international experience.
From page 160...
... 10 toolS aND MethoDS foR eStIMatING populatIoNS at RISk of expertise include demography, international policy, population vulnerabilities, and comparative economics. She has been the primary author on several population dynamics and population-economic studies.
From page 161...
... 11 appeNDIX a ence with national census efforts in Africa, international applications, and African migration studies.

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