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Appendix C Glossary
Pages 166-169

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From page 166...
... It is the lowest level of geography for which the Census Bureau tabulates sample data. Capacity building -- Strengthening the ability to undertake tasks, especially by improving the technical skills of people through the provision of technology, such as computers and software, and the training of individuals to use data in conjunction with the necessary technology.
From page 167...
... , population characteristics (age, gender, education, etc.) , and/or population distribution.
From page 168...
... or between society and technology (e.g., chemical accidents, nuclear power plant accidents) , or within society itself (e.g., war, civil and ethnic strife, persecution, human rights violations)
From page 169...
... 1 appeNDIX C Sensitivity -- The degree to which social groups or places are initially harmed by exposure to a hazard. Subnational -- Any level of geography below national boundaries (e.g., regions, states, counties)

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