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5 Participant Cohort
Pages 16-18

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From page 16...
... participants using military unit rosters and continued to update this roster as new information was obtained. For Navy personnel, the DoD obtained the quarterly unit rosters of each ship in each Project SHAD test, using the rosters just before and after the actual test dates; e.g., the December 31, 1963, and March 31, 1964, quarterly rosters were selected for a February 1964 test.
From page 17...
... Lacking SSNs, we were greatly handicapped in conducting a records-based mortality follow-up, and locating individuals to invite them to participate in a health study was practically impossible. We tried to find a readily available source of SSNs for the Project SHAD participants, and undertook a special pilot study on this topic.
From page 18...
... In summary, using a variety of searches in our pilot study, we were able to find SSNs for nearly 90 percent of the sample subjects whose SSNs were absent from the original DoD or VA file. When we completed our pilot study, we consulted with our expert advisory panel, and in the end, we all had to reluctantly conclude that a sufficient number of SSNs could only be obtained by ordering military personnel records and abstracting information from them, as well as conducting the easier (and less expensive)

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