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9 Mortality Results
Pages 39-44

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From page 39...
... All analyses were adjusted for age, race, and pay grade, but only in group B were there sufficient Marines to adjust also for service branch. There were no statistically significant differences in all-cause mortality between Project SHAD participants and controls, although in group B the hazard ratio (HR)
From page 40...
... In group B, the hazard ratios associated with race and pay grade are no longer statistically significant. Table 9-5 shows the results of proportional hazards ratio analyses of selected cause-specific mortality end points for only subjects with SSNs.
From page 41...
... Finally, comparing all Project SHAD participants versus all controls, heart disease deaths showed a statistically significant increase. Standardized Mortality Ratios As explained in Chapter 8, standardized mortality ratios (SMRs)
From page 42...
... NOTE: Statistically significant hazard ratios are in bold. aGroup A = participants potentially exposed only to BG or MAA; group B = participants potentially exposed only to TOF; group C = par ticipants potentially exposed to any active chemical or biological agent; group D = participants potentially exposed only to simulants and not in groups A or B
From page 43...
... # died # died Cancer 353 398 1.06 0.95–1.10 1.20 1.03–1.39 Heart disease 351 347 Respiratory disease 38 34 1.32 0.83–2.10 Endocrine/metabolic disease 91 101 1.03 0.78–1.38 Infectious disease 74 89 0.97 0.71–1.32 Injury/external causes 67 97 0.86 0.63–1.17 * Adjusted for age, race, pay grade, and branch.
From page 44...
... NOTE: Statistically significant differences are in bold.

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