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From page 144...
... 2007. Urban aerosols harbor diverse and dynamic bacterial populations.
From page 145...
... 2003. Fidelity of select restriction endonucleases in deter mining microbial diversity by terminal-restriction fragment length polymorphism.
From page 146...
... 2002. Analysis of the microbial community structure and function of a laboratory scale enhanced biological phosphorus removal reactor.
From page 147...
... 1997. Characterization of microbial diversity by determining terminal restriction fragment length polymorphisms of genes encoding 16S rRNA.
From page 148...
... 2002. Cultivation of globally distributed soil bacteria from phylogenetic lineages previously only detected in cultivation-independent surveys.
From page 149...
... 2006. RNA viral community in human feces: prevalence of plant pathogenic viruses.

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