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From page 11...
... The troops in Iraq experienced uncertainty about possible exposures to chemical and biologic weapons and other contaminants, difficult living conditions, incomplete knowledge of the Iraqi forces they were to engage, and, particularly in the case of reservists, difficulties that accompanied leaving families and jobs.
From page 12...
... requested that IOM comprehensively review, evaluate, and summarize the peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature regarding the association between deploymentrelated stress and long-term adverse health effects in Gulf War veterans. In response to VA's request, IOM appointed the Committee on Gulf War and Health: Physiologic, Psychologic, and Psychosocial Effects of Deployment-Related Stress to conduct the review.
From page 13...
... . COMMITTEE'S INTERPRETATION OF ITS CHARGE Given the committee's charge from the VA -- to assess the long-term health effects of deployment-related stress -- the committee began by defining deployment-related stress as deployment to a war zone.
From page 14...
... Thus, to evaluate associations between deployment-related stress and adverse effects, the committee considered all studies that identified health effects found in military personnel deployed to a war zone. Potential health effects considered included not only physiologic effects but also psychiatric effects, such as depression and PTSD, and psychosocial effects, such as marital conflict and incarceration.
From page 15...
... Chapter 6 compiles and summarizes the available data on health effects that might be associated with deploymentrelated stressors. Psychosocial effects associated with deployment-related stress are discussed in Chapter 7.
From page 16...
... 1994. Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Persian Gulf War Health Effects.

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