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Appendix C: Registered Workshop Participants
Pages 305-310

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From page 305...
... Department of Justice U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 305
From page 306...
... Halpern Joseph Evall James Hanson Orrick National Institute of Child Health and Human Pat Fasick Development Annapolis Children's Therapy Center Wendy Harnisher Capital District Biomedical Debra Fellner Support Group for Autism Spectrum Disorders
From page 307...
... Erica Johnson and Music Therapy Services of New York Linda Kahan Food and Drug Administration Richard Loveszy Family Unity International, Inc. Alice Kau and Music Therapy Services National Institute of Child of New York Health and Human Development Joseph Lowe U.S.
From page 308...
... 308 AUTISM AND THE ENVIRONMENT June McCullough Raymond Palmer San Jacinto Unified School University of Texas Health District Science Center–San Antonio Stephanie McFadden Lynne Parsons-Heilbrun Mary McKenna Aimee Peer University of Maryland School of Medicine Anabel Perez Rita McWilliams Becky Peters UMD-NJ/RWJ Medical School Thomas Powers Elieana Mihai Williams Love O'Leary Craine & Powers Claudia Miller University of Texas Health Rajendram Rajnarayanan Science Center Marnina Reed Barbara Mulach National Institutes of Health National Institute of Child Health and Human Catherine Rice Development Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Amy Nevel HHS/ASPE/Office of Science Rebecca Rienzi and Data Policy Robert Rinicella Jennifer Nyland Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Daphne Robinson School of Public Health National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Molly Oliveri Stroke National Institute of Mental Health Stephanie Ross ASPH based at U.S. Dan Olmsted Environmental Protection United Press International Agency
From page 309...
... Zuydhoek Ann Wagner National Institute of Mental Health Tatjana Walker University of Texas Health Science Center–San Antonio

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