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Appendix E Committee Outreach Activities
Pages 100-101

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... September 25 NASA Advisory Council Planetary Boulder, Colorado Oral presentation George Paulikas, Science Subcommittee Carlé Pieters October 3-4 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Phoenix, Arizona Conference call Harald Hiesinger Camera Team Meeting October 8-13 38th Annual Division for Planetary Pasadena, California Poster paper David H Smith, Sciences Meeting George Paulikas Press conference; George Paulikas, forum Carlé Pieters, Bruce Banerdt October 11 NRC Committee on Solar and Space Washington, D.C.
From page 101...
... Conference call George Paulikas, Evolution of Life Carlé Pieters February 21-23 International Space University 11th Strasbourg, France Oral presentation Harald Hiesinger Annual International Symposium February 26- NASA Advisory Council Lunar Tempe, Arizona Oral presentation Carlé Pieters March 2 Science Workshop March 12-16 38th Lunar and Planetary Science Houston, Texas Forum Carlé Pieters Conference April 15-20 European Geosciences Union Vienna, Austria Oral presentation Harald Hiesinger General Assembly

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