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Appendix B: Search Strategy
Pages 165-168

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From page 165...
... OR PTSD) AND Veterans AND Drug therapies AND (Clinical trials OR Epidemiological Studies)
From page 166...
... – automatically includes all narrower subject head ing from the thesaurus or controlled vocabulary for any given database • Forward slash [/] – forces OVID to search in the subject headings or controlled vocabulary • Adj – adjacency or proximity operator • Pt=publication type; ti=title; ab=abstract ; sh=subject ­ heading ; fs=floating sub-heading ; dt=drug therapy sub-­heading ; th=therapeutic interventions other than drug therapies, subheading Anxiety Disorders and Traumatic Stress Disorders Set (exp Anxiety Disorder?
From page 167...
... OR exp adrenergic antagonists/ OR exp adrenergic uptake inhibitors/ OR Guanfacine/ OR guanfacine.ti,ab. OR exp anti-anxiety agents/ or exp antipsychotic agents/ OR exp Anticonvulsants/ OR exp Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors/ or exp Tricyclic Antidepressant Drugs/ or Adrenergic Blocking Drugs/ or exp neuroleptic Drugs/ or exp Anticonvulsive Drugs/)
From page 168...
... 168 TREATMENT OF POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER Prognosis, Recovery, Rehabilitation Set (disease progression/ OR prognosis/ or disease-free survival/ or medical futility/ or exp treatment outcome/ or treatment failure/ OR (recovery or rehabilitat$)

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