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... For example, the international magnetic fusion experiment -- more exactly, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) -- is expected to confine burning plasma for the first time, a critical step on the road to commercial fusion.
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... The committee has identified four significant research challenges that the federal plasma science portfolio as currently organized is not equipped to exploit optimally: fundamental low-temperature plasma science; discovery-driven, high energy-density plasma science; intermediate-scale plasma science; and crosscutting plasma research. Notwithstanding the success of individual federal plasma science programs, the lack of coherence across the federal government ignores the unity of the sci ence and is an obstacle to overcoming many research challenges, realizing scientific opportunities, and exploiting promising applications.
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... Other guidance for implementing this vision appears in the main report. Among the issues to be addressed in planning such a strategy are these: • Integration of scientific elements, • Development of a strategic planning process that not only spans the field but also provides guidance to each of the subfields, and • Identification of risks and implementation of strategies to avoid them.

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