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... . PROVIDING TEACHERS, ADMINISTRATORS, AND POLICY MAKERS WITH INFORMATION According to workshop participants, perhaps the most straightforward step would be to make teachers, administrators, and policy makers aware of what is currently available.
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... Barnet Berry asked, "How can teachers, especially our very best teachers across the country, provide a huge important bridge to the policy world to bring their expertise and voice to the deliberations about their profession? " "We would like policy makers to set up mechanisms to more effectively listen to teachers' voices and choices about online professional development," said California Teacher Advisory Council (TAC)
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... Federal and state policy makers have an important responsibility to promote equal access to technology. "There is a disparity in those who have technology and those who don't," said National Academies TAC member Ford Morishita of Clackamas High School in Portland, Oregon.
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... Standards for OTPD could establish expectations for teachers, schools, districts, and state governments, and to help change attitudes. The Southern Regional Education Board has published "Standards for Online Professional Development" that encompass "E-Learning Context Standards," "E-Learning Process Standards," and "E-Learning Content Standards."3 For example, the context standard for resources states that "schools and states provide adequate and ongoing funding for the online program as part of the overall professional development plan" and "schools and states provide adequate resources of time, personnel and support systems for online professional development." INVOLVING TEACHERS AS ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION The theme that emerged most strongly from the workshop was the need to have teachers involved in all stages of online professional development, from its design and development to its implementation, assessment, and ongoing revision.
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... They want their kids to learn." Teachers currently have a unique opportunity to gain a new role in decisions about professional development, said California TAC chair Stan Hitomi of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District in Danville. "Looking at the latest reports that have been coming out, this is a very special time.

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