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From page 73...
... Thermal Spectrum Reactors VHTR. As noted above, this concept has been selected as the most promising concept for nuclear energy to produce process heat and hydrogen.
From page 74...
... The R&D goal for the fast reactors (GFR, LFR, and SFR) has been to obtain enough reliable information on materials issues and fuel behavior in the event of an accident, while developing an economically competitive design.
From page 75...
... The committee observes that there is one focus on process heat and hydrogen production and another on reducing the high-level waste burden, but there has been no evaluation of the possibility of crosscutting technology development in support of the VHTR and/or the SFR in a way that can take advantage of past related work and expand the base technology. For example, there are technology elements that may be common to both missions, such as supercritical fluid power conversion, high temperature materials development, and innovative technologies for process heat.
From page 76...
... The NGNP program has well-established goals, decision points, and technical alternatives. The key technical alternatives are the fuel type, the heat transport working fluid and IHX, and the hydrogen generation process.

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