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... In view of the technical challenges involved, the committee believes that the opposite will likely be true. • Several fuel cycles could potentially meet the eventual goal of creating a justifiable recycling system.
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... The laboratory envisions that within 10 years, INL will be the preeminent national and international nuclear energy center with synergistic, world-class, multi-program capabilities and partnerships. To achieve its ambitious goals, INL must attract and retain world-class scientists and engineers in a multiplicity of engineering and scientific disciplines.
From page 11...
... NE, ID, and INL (BEA) should improve the form and content of the INL facilities budget documentation.
From page 12...
... commercial plants) in GNEP Program Balance Based on these priorities, the committee's programmatic recommendations that have budget consequences are as follows: • Nuclear Power 2010 (NP 2010)
From page 13...
... The senior advisory body for NE has been the Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee (NERAC)

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