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Biographical Sketches of Panel Members and Staff
Pages 83-86

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From page 83...
... Biographical Sketches of Panel Members and Staff HELEN M INgRAM (Chair)
From page 84...
...  BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF PANEL MEMBERS AND STAFF DENISE LACH is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at Oregon State University. Her research interests include examination of changing roles and expectations for science and scientists in natural resource decision making, acceptability of bioremediation technology for cleanup of radionuclides and heavy metals, and institutional resistance to change, including the nonuse of climate forecasts by water managers.
From page 85...
... His research interests include the determinants of environmentally significant behavior, participatory processes for informing environmental decision making, and the governance of environmental resources and risks. He is coauthor of the textbook Enironmental Problems and Human Behaior and coeditor of numerous National Research Council publications, including Decision Making for the Enironment: Social and Behaioral Science Priorities (2005)

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