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1 Implications of the NPOESS Nunn-McCurdy Certification and the Descope of GOES-R
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... -- managed by the Air Force.5 These satellites obtain environmental data that are processed to provide graphical weather images and specialized weather products. These satellite data are also the predominant input to numerical weather prediction models, which are a primary tool for forecasting weather 3 or more days in advance -- including forecasting the path and intensity of hurricanes.
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... Climate and research-oriented sensors were generally designated a spot on a single satellite at any one time. The overall NPOESS constellation was designed as a standalone system, with the European series of MetOp satellite viewed as a separate, independent, complementary system.
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... * • APS • TSIS x • CERES/ERBS • ALT • Survivability x • SARSAT x x x x x • ADCS x x x x *
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... was conceived as an advanced sounder and coastal water imager that would provide a profile of atmospheric temperature and moisture content used in weather forecasting and take images of coastal areas for water quality monitoring and coastal hazard assessment…While HES potentially could have provided a major improvement in our ability to characterize the atmosphere and the coastal environment, we did not 8 For a description of HES, see T.J. Schmit, J
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... Although most of the workshop focused on recovery options for the demanifested and descoped climate sensors on NPOESS, sessions were also held to discuss recovery options for HES, including a potential role for the GIFTS instrument.10 THE NASA-NOAA STUDY Shortly after the June 2006 announcement of the certified NPOESS program, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy requested that NASA and NOAA study the climate science impacts attributable to the instrument deletions and scope reductions. Presentations by agency officials at the panel's June 2007 workshop were effectively the starting point for many of the workshop's discussions.11 In particular, "Mitigation Approaches to Address Impacts of NPOESS Nunn-McCurdy Certification on Joint NASA-NOAA Climate Goals," is reproduced as Appendix C; as it provides essential background information for this workshop report.

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