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5 Applicability of PCAPP Munitions Treatment Unit at BGCAPP
Pages 34-39

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From page 34...
... Mortar bodies accumulate on the ramp while the exit section at a velocity sufficient to ensure the flow of any MTU belt conveyor continues to move forward, providhazardous gases or particulates to the off-gas exit from the ing empty space on the belt for the loading of base plates. MTU muffle.
From page 35...
... After discharging metal parts to the rotary valves, the MTU conveyor belt returns to the loading area, traveling underneath the MTU muffle. This Comparison of the metal parts treater and lower return tunnel includes the belt drive components and munitions treatment unit FOR BGCAPP water seals that prevent the belt return tunnel from becom The committee reviewed the applicability of the MTU ing contaminated by liquids and gases originating within the as an alternate method of decontaminating munitions bodies MWS room.
From page 36...
... 36 Wall transition with Exit chute mounting plate sealed with airseal flaps to the wall on the MTU Oven muffle Exit conveyor Curtain box "C" room side access port Water-cooled with flighted belt Chute Heated box Oven muffle chamber Controlled provided Vent to OTS Entrance muffle air inlet Rotary drum by others with curtain box Transition area discharge and seal Roll-off bin Water seal tank #2 with sample port Oven belt drive sprockets provided Shown for loading 105-mm and take-up area by others Robot munitions,155-mm munitions, Water seal tank #1 provided and mortar bodies; mortar base with sample port by others plates will have a different loading configuration figure 5-1 with new type Landscape view
From page 37...
... less than at PCAPP; MTU availability expected to be higher than that of the MPT. MDBe footprint ~70 ft long × 40 ft wide × 20 ~100 ft long × 30 ft wide × 20 MTU would require changes in BGCAPP MDB ft high ft high layout to accommodate longer processing length and SDU and autoclave units and to provide for Total direct footprint for 2 Total direct footprint for 2 MTUs collection bins for receiving treated metal parts MPTs plus 50 percent of MPT/ is 5,100 square feet plus 216 from MTU discharge chute.
From page 38...
... The BPBGT is still evaluating how to thermally treat Open discussion on the SDU/autoclave, between Craig Myler, Chief EBH waste streams, including squibs and fuzes. According Scientist, Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant, and the committo the Technical Risk Reduction Program test report, ap- tee, September 20, 2007.
From page 39...
... A method has not been developed for treating to be operated at higher temperature and possibly for longer squibs and fuzes from the energetics batch hydrolyzer waste times in treating waste contaminated with VX. Available data streams in either the MTU/supplemental decontamination indicate that the half-life for VX is 4 minutes at 482oF and 0.6 unit or the MPT.

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