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1 Introduction
Pages 7-10

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... Originally, there passed Public Law 105-261, which required that the Under were nine locations where the stockpile was stored. John Secretary "certify in writing to Congress" that the alternative ston Atoll has completed the destruction of all its chemical technology would "be as safe and cost effective for disposing weapons using the incineration process described below and of assembled chemical munitions as is incineration of such has been closed since 2002.
From page 8...
... 4.2-inch mortar M2A1 2.7 kg HD 0.064 kg tetrytol Includes propellant and ignition cartridge in a 76,722 Propellant: M6 box. 4.2-inch mortar M2 2.6 kg HT 0.064 kg tetrytol Includes propellant and ignition cartridge in a 20,384 Propellant: M8 box.
From page 9...
... projectile casings, burster tubes, fuze pieces including the are conveyed to the energetics batch hydrolyzers (EBHs) , unexploded detonator, and other miscellaneous metal parts where the aluminum casings dissolve in the caustic solution.
From page 10...
... results and to advise on the adequacy of the design and the The chemical agent is piped to the agent neutralization need for any future testing. The NRC formed the Commit- system, where it is treated with hot water to neutralize the tee to Review and Assess Developmental Issues Concerning agent.

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