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Appendix A: Findings and Recommendations
Pages 145-148

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From page 145...
... Special studies should be conducted periodically in the context of the NCVS program to provide more accurate mea surement of such events. Recommendation 4.1: BJS should carefully study changes in the NCVS survey design before implementing them.
From page 146...
... Recommendation 4.6: BJS should develop, promote, and coor dinate subnational victimization surveys through formula grants funded from state-local assistance resources. Recommendation 4.7: BJS should investigate changing the sam ple design to increase efficiency, thus allowing more precision for a given cost.
From page 147...
... For example, BJS was unable to update the NCVS household sample to reflect population and household shifts identified in the 2000 census until 2007. The Statistical Policy Office should note such breakdowns in basic survey maintenance functions in its annual report Statistical Programs of the United States Government.
From page 148...
... 148 SURVEYING VICTIMS Recommendation 5.8: BJS should consider a survey design com petition in order to get a more accurate reading of the feasibility of alternative NCVS redesigns. The design competition should be administered with the assistance of external experts, and the competition should include private organizations under contract and the Census Bureau under an interagency agreement.

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