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... • Adding individuals to the VRD generally requires that the information provided on a first time voter registration application be verified against the relevant state's department of motor vehicles database of driver's license numbers or the Social Security Administration's database of Social Security numbers. • Maintaining the VRD is needed to keep voter registration information current and to remove the names of ineligible voters and duplicate registrations from the voter lists.
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... ⎯Coordinate with third-party voter registration groups and public service agencies, emphasizing the need for their field volunteers to attend to legibility and completeness as they distribute and/or collect registration materials. SHORT-TERM ACTIONS -- ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES • Resubmit match queries if the response returned from the Social Security Administration or department of motor vehicles is a nonmatch.
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... • Encourage/require departments of motor vehicles, public assistance and disability service agencies, tax assessors, and other public service agencies of state and local government in their communications with the public to remind voters to check and update their information. • Improve matching procedures.

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