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E Workshop Agendas
Pages 53-57

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... Shambon, formerly with Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr Robert A Pastor, Executive Director, Carter-Baker Commission and Director of the Center for Democracy and Election Management, American University Q&A with presenters 12:00–12:45 Lunch Available Continue discussion from first panel session and prepare for afternoon sessions 12:45–2:15 Panel II Status of Voter Registration Database Efforts What are the different types of and approaches to voter registration systems?
From page 54...
... Moderator: William Winkler Panelists: Gio Wiederhold, Professor (Emeritus) , Computer Science, Medicine, and Electrical Engineering, Stanford University William Cohen, Associate Research Professor, Machine Learning Department, Carnegie Mellon University Michael Franklin, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley Respondents: James Willis, Principal, Banyan Social Technology, and Former Director, eGovernment for Rhode Island Frank Olken, Computer Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Q&A with presenters 4:00–5:30 Panel IV Interoperability and Database Operations in Other Domains What kinds of problems or issues exist in non-election domains (i.e., government and nongovernmental settings)
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... Clark Bensen, Principal Consultant, Polidata Keith Cunningham, Director of the Board of Elections for Allen County, Ohio Q&A with presenters 11:45–1:00 p.m. Lunch Available Continue discussion from morning sessions and prepare for afternoon panels 1:00–3:00 Panel II IT Operations -- State and Local Moderator: John Lindback Panelists: Ray Palmer, Information Technology Manager, Office of the Governor, Utah Mike Stewart, Chief Information Officer, Office of the Secretary of State, Kansas Paul Miller, Technical Services Manager, Elections Division, Office of Secretary of State, Washington Shane Hamlin, Assistant Director of Elections, Office of Secretary of State, Washington Q&A with presenters
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... Dickson, Vice President of Government Affairs, American Association of People with Disabilities Melanie L Campbell, Executive Director, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation Lloyd Leonard, Senior Director for Advocacy, League of Women Voters Q&A with presenters 4:45–5:45 Panel III Impact of Technical Implementation on Policy -- continued Moderator: Michael Alvarez Panelists: Vincent Keenan, Executive Director, Publius Michael P
From page 57...
... APPENDIX E 57 10:30–11:15 Panel V IT Operations -- Vendors Moderator: John Lindback Panelists: Thomas H Ferguson, Director, Saber Corporation Neil McClure, Chief Technology Officer, Hart InterCivic 11:15 a.m.

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