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Appendix B: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members and Staff
Pages 68-72

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From page 68...
... He has served in numerous positions, including Lunar Sample curator and chief of the Planetary Materials Branch, chief of the Planetary Science Branch, vice-chair of the Mars Science Working Group, JSC study scientist, Mars Rover Sample Return mission, chief of the Earth 68
From page 69...
... Her expertise is in planetary geology and volcanology. Her current research involves analysis of geologic features on Titan using the Cassini Radar Mapper, with specific emphasis on cryovolcanic features.
From page 70...
... He is the Applied Physics Laboratory study scientist for the Solar Probe, a member of the Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer Team, Cassini Orbiter spacecraft, and a co-investigator on the New Horizons mission to Pluto. He has worked on the physics of the magnetospheres of the outer planets, the outer heliosphere (including solar wind dynamics and properties of the VLF radiation)
From page 71...
... During a 32-year career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) , she managed the NASA Mars Exploration Program and oversaw the Pathfinder and Mars Global Surveyor missions and the Sojourner Rover project.  After retiring from JPL she served as assistant dean of engineering for advanced program development and as an instructor in aerospace mechanical engineering at the University of Oklahoma.
From page 72...
... 72 OPENING NEW FRONTIERS IN SPACE VICTORIA SWISHER is a research associate. She has supported SSB studies and workshops on the aerospace workforce, Mars research, research enabled by the lunar environment, and other topics.

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