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Appendix B: In-Depth Interviews: Interviewer's Guide
Pages 115-120

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From page 115...
... We have a good deal of material to cover in a short time; feel free to ask questions, but we will need to keep the conversation moving.
From page 116...
... • How do you explain engineering to make it more interesting other people? To children?
From page 117...
... Tool kits for teachers and guidance counselors; mentor programs; school-to-work training; cable television shows? − PROBE: What do you think has worked?
From page 118...
... To students consider ing studying engineering at college? To young people consider ing engineering as a career?
From page 119...
... − SHAPE THE FUTURE: This theme speaks to how engi neering offers an empowering and rewarding career. − LIFE TAKES ENGINEERING: This theme focuses on the field's essential role and life-changing work.
From page 120...
... 120 CHANGING THE CONVERSATION • Is there anything you would like to add that we haven't asked about? Thank and dismiss.

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