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Appendix D: Focus Groups: Moderator's Guide - Teens
Pages 129-134

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From page 129...
... Go over features of the room, including: − One-way mirror -- I have colleagues taking notes behind the mirror so that they do not disturb us.
From page 130...
... , and background informa tion (family, favorite subject at school, favorite television show, favorite site on the internet, etc.)
From page 131...
... • What school subjects do you think you will need to excel in to have a chance to go into your chosen line of work?
From page 132...
... Have a positive effect on people's everyday lives? Innovative?
From page 133...
... • Some people describe engineers as making a world of differ ence because they're able to shape the future, have a direct effect on people's everyday lives, and solve tomorrow's prob lems today. − PROBE: Is that description appealing to you?
From page 134...
... 134 CHANGING THE CONVERSATION to promote to other young people to consider becoming an engineer or studying engineering, and your job is to write a slogan to promote others to consider becoming an engineer. On the second set of lines, I want you to write down what you think is the best image or photograph that should go with your slogan.

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