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Appendix A: Agenda: Workshop on Setting the Stage forInternational Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facilities
Pages 109-111

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From page 109...
... David McNelis, University of North Carolina, The Russell Family Foundation (U.S.A.) Discussion of Goals and Objectives Technical Session 1: Monitoring and Security of a Repository Chair: Milton Levenson, National Academy of Engineering (U.S.A.)
From page 110...
... June 2, 2005 Technical Session 4: Adequacy of National Legislation Chair: Nikolay Laverov, Russian Academy of Sciences Overview of National Laws in Relation to a Regional Repository Christina Boutellier, Arius (Switzerland) Russian Legislation of Today as Regards Spent Nuclear Fuel Import and Storage Valery Bezzubtsev, Rostekhnadzor (Russia)
From page 111...
... Radioactive Waste Management in Taiwan Ying-Ming Tsai, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Interim Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Japan K  inichiro Kusunose, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology General Discussion Chair: Nikolay Laverov, Russian Academy of Sciences General Status and Perspectives Related to Nonproliferation Valentin Ivanov (Russia)

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