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11 Comments of Particular Interest During the Workshop Discussions--Glenn E. Schweitzer
Pages 83-85

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From page 83...
... All of the issues will undoubtedly be considered again in the future as many countries seek solutions to the problems associated with the disposition of spent nuclear fuel -- including interim storage, recycling, and permanent disposal. This workshop has made a unique and timely contribution to international deliberations by focusing sharply on the Russian experience within the context of more general considerations and relevant ongoing activities in a number of countries.
From page 84...
... Of particular importance has been the transportation of spent fuel for research reactors located in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and the shipment of spent fuel from both neighboring countries and internally to Mayak and Krasnoyarsk. Russian specialists have also been actively exploring models for predicting spent fuel behavior under different storage conditions in order to assist in selecting safe conditions for dry storage.
From page 85...
... Both countries have populations concentrated in confined geographical areas with limited available territory for spent fuel storage or disposal sites. In Japan, plans are being developed to establish an interim dry storage facility by 2010.

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