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Mistakes and Negligence
Pages 12-14

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From page 12...
... In such an uncertain and fluid situation, identifying reliable data in a mass of confusing and sometimes contradictory observations can be extremely difficult. Furthermore, researchers sometimes have to take risks to explore an innovative idea or observation.
From page 13...
... Van Maanen's reputation caused many astronomers to accept a ga lactic location for the nebulae. A few years later, however, van Maanen's colleague Edwin Hubble, using a new 100-inch telescope at Mount Wilson, conclusively demonstrated that the nebulae were in fact distant galaxies; van Maanen's observations had to be wrong.
From page 14...
... . Mistakes in other documents that are part of the scientific record -- including research proposals, laboratory records, progress reports, abstracts, theses, and internal reports -- should be corrected in a way that maintains the integrity of the original record and at the same time keeps other researchers from building on the erroneous results reported in the original.

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