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Advising and Mentoring
Pages 4-7

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From page 4...
... A mentor -- who also may be an adviser -- takes a personal as well as a professional interest in the development of a researcher. A mentor might suggest a productive research direction, offer encouragement during a difficult period, help a beginning researcher gain credit for work accomplished, arrange a meeting that leads to a job offer, and offer continuing advice throughout a researcher's career.
From page 5...
... Beginning researchers also have responsibilities toward their advisers and mentors. They should develop clear expectations with advisers and mentors concerning availability and meeting times.
From page 6...
... • Are graduate students and postdoctoral fellows discouraged from continuing their projects when they leave? • Are graduate students and postdoctoral fellows encouraged and funded to attend professional meetings and make presentations?
From page 7...
... Advising a n d M e n t o r i n g  institutions -- can define the terms of these relationships. As with all relationships between humans, there can be no guarantee for compatibility, but both sides should act professionally, and institutions must promote good advising and mentoring by rewarding individuals who exhibit these skills and by offering training in how to become a better adviser or mentor.

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