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Competing Interests, Commitments, and Values
Pages 43-47

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From page 43...
... Personal relationships may also create conflicts of interest. Some funding agencies require researchers to identify others who have been their supervisors, graduate students, or postdoctoral fellows, since these relationships are seen as having the potential to interfere
From page 44...
... Other financial conflicts of interest are managed through a formal review process in which potential conflicts are identified, disclosed, and discussed. However managed, timely and full disclosure of relevant information is important, since in some cases researchers joining a team or project may not be aware of a problem.
From page 45...
... Researchers can have strongly held convictions -- for example, a desire to eliminate a particular disease, reduce environmental pollution, or demonstrate the biological underpinnings of human behavior. Or someone might have
From page 46...
... The history of science offers a number of episodes in which social or personal beliefs distorted the work of researchers. For example, the ideological rejection of Mendelian genetics in the Soviet Union beginning in the 1930s crippled Soviet biology for decades.
From page 47...
... Internal industry memoranda concluded that the possible banning of smoking in public places would reduce cigarette consumption and profits. In response to this shift in the regulatory environment, the tobacco industry created a nonprofit organization, the Center for Indoor Air Research, to fund well over 200 published studies to counter the EPA finding.a Additional steps included (1)

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