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The Researcher in Society
Pages 48-50

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From page 48...
... Researchers assume different roles in public discussions of the potential uses of new knowledge. They often provide expert opinion or advice to government agencies, educational institutions, private companies, or other organizations.
From page 49...
... Galston later wrote that the use of his research in the development of Agent Orange "provided the scientific and emotional link that compelled my involvement in opposition to the massive spraying of these compounds during the Vietnam War." At the 1966 meeting of the American Society of Plant Physiologists, he circulated a resolution citing the possible toxic effects of defoliants on humans and animals and the long-term con sequences for food production and the environment, which he sent to President Lyndon Johnson. During the next several years, as evidence for the toxic effects of Agent Orange accumulated, Galston and a growing number of other scientists continued to oppose the use of defoliants in the Vietnam War.

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