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Appendix: Discussion of Case Studies
Pages 51-56

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From page 51...
... Meetings should be held regularly to review progress and discuss future plans. If a student has difficulties discussing these issues with a thesis adviser, as Joseph did, the other members of a thesis committee should be willing to intervene to make sure that expectations are identified and made clear to all parties.
From page 52...
... Writing a literature review requires judgment in the selection and interpretation of previous work. Professor Lee should consider whether copying the one-sentence summaries takes unfair advantage of the other author's efforts, and whether those summaries relate to the proposal in the same way as the paper.
From page 53...
... TESTS ON STUDENTS (Page 25) Although the instructional modules do not risk harming the students' health, because Antonio plans to publish the results, he must obtain IRB approval.
From page 54...
... If so, how could that influence future policies or procedures in the lab?
From page 55...
... But working on industrially sponsored research is not necessarily incompatible with getting a good education. In fact, it can be a valuable way to gain insight into industrially oriented problems and to prepare for future work that has direct applications to societal needs.
From page 56...
... That relationship is therefore most likely to be subject to review by third parties. How can Sandra get help in resolving her own uncertainties?

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