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4 Epilogue
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... Speakers also noted that being able to communicate examples of steady progress along the way is very important. Finally, some participants added that emphasizing Chinese lunar mission plans and progress will not be effective in motivating the public because many people will say that the United States has already accomplished that goal.
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... , which create impediments to much international cooperation on space projects, and argued that these impediments need to be fixed.2 ENSURING ROBUSTNESS THROUGH NEW APPROACHES AND ATTITUDES Nearly half of the workshop participants mentioned impressions about threats to the robustness of NASA's program and commented about potential approaches to cope with those problems. Several speakers urged that the first step is for senior government leaders to acknowledge that there is a problem and that, as is noted in Chapter 2, there is a serious mismatch between NASA's assigned responsibilities and its available resources -- that is, issues of budget realism, program feasibility, and sustainability must be addressed head-on.
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