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A Committee Meetings and Other Activities
Pages 172-176

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... Lawrence Seaway and Current Ballast Water Regulations Phil Jenkins, committee member Vectors for Introduction of Nonindigenous Aquatic Species into the Great Lakes Hugh MacIsaac, committee member Current Status of Ballast Water Treatment Tom Waite, committee member Natural Resources Panel Panelists were asked to discuss their perspectives on the impact of aquatic invasive species (AIS) on the natural resources of the Great Lakes region.
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... Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation David Wright, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ocean Shipping in the Great Lakes: Transportation Cost Increases That Would Result from a Cessation of Ocean Vessel Shipping Presentation of report prepared for the Joyce Foundation John Taylor, Grand Valley State University Jim Roach, JL Roach, Inc.
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... SECOND COMMITTEE MEETING August 29–30, 2006, Toronto, Ontario The following presentations were made to the committee by invited speakers: Multimodal Freight Movements in the Great Lakes Region Rod Taylor, independent consultant Freight Movements by Rail in the Great Lakes Region: Current Status and Future Opportunities Malcolm Cairns, Canadian Pacific Railway Highway H2O Richard Corfe, St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation New Opportunities to Optimize the Great Lakes Maritime Transportation System Richard Stewart, University of Wisconsin, Superior, and Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute New Ballast Water Treatment Technologies Junko Kazumi, University of Miami Shipboard Ballast Water Treatment Systems Richard Everett, U.S.
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... Committee Meetings and Other Activities 175 THIRD COMMITTEE MEETING February 4–6, 2007, Irvine, California The following presentations were made to the committee by the authors of its commissioned papers: Map of Vectors and Pathways for Nonindigenous Aquatic Species David Kelly, University of Windsor Ballast Water Treatment Technologies and Their Application for Vessels Operating on the Great Lakes Junko Kazumi, University of Miami Surveillance and Control of Invasive Species in the Great Lakes Jake Vander Zanden, University of Wisconsin, Madison Institutional Mechanisms for More Stringent Ballast Water Standards Richard Stewart, University of Wisconsin, Superior Global Climate Change and Great Lakes International Shipping Frank Millerd, Wilfrid Laurier University Environmental Footprint of Surface Freight Transportation John Lawson, Lawson Economics Research, Inc. Carrots and Sticks: Opportunities to Accelerate the Development and Adoption of Ballast Water Treatment Technologies Richard Hodgson, Hodgson and Associates FOURTH COMMITTEE MEETING May 7–9, 2007, Toronto, Ontario On May 7, 2007, the committee hosted a public meeting to gain a better understanding of stakeholder views about possible approaches to
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... FIFTH COMMITTEE MEETING July 30–31, 2007, Washington, D.C. The following presentations were made to the committee by invited speakers and individual committee members: It's Not Just About Ballast Water: Opportunities and Successes Doug Jensen, University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program Report on Investigation of Shipboard Technologies for Monitoring Ballast Water Operations Hugh MacIsaac, committee member

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