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Appendix C: Glossary
Pages 141-142

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... Appendix C Glossary Clade Group of species Exascale Computing at quintillions of flops per second Giant Molecular Cloud A large cloud of molecular gas and small solid particles from which new generations of stars form Heuristic Algorithm based on one or more rules of thumb rather than on a theoretical model Magnetohydrodynamics Study of the dynamics of electrically conducting fluids Morphology External character of an organism Multicore Pertaining to a computer chip with multiple processing units on it, or a com puter that includes such chips Ontology Set of defined concepts that characterize a domain Orographic Caused by airflow over hills or mountains Petaflop Quadrillion floating point operations Petascale Computing at quadrillions of flops per second Phenotype Observable characteristics of an individual 141
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... 142 THE POTENTIAL IMPACT OF HIGH-END CAPABILITY COMPUTING Phylogenetics Relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their evolutionary history Stiff differential equations Coupled differential equations that include some terms that lead to rapid variations; they must be handled with special solvers to avoid instabilities Symplectic integrators Discretizations that have a Hamiltonian structure analogous to that of the dynamics being approximated Teraflop Trillion floating point operations Terascale Computing at trillions of flops per second

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