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... The primary approach taken by the comanimal dietary supplements and the approaches that should mittee was to examine published scientific reports to assess be taken to determine the safety of animal dietary supple- whether feeding these three supplements to horses, dogs, or ments in general. The passage of the Dietary Supplement cats presents a significant adverse health effect that changes Health and Education Act (DSHEA)
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... Supplelaws and regulations that specifically address animal dietary ments are often dosed on the basis of intended use and supplements causes considerable confusion to the industry employ units not directly correlated to putative active ingreand the public. Clarification is required to enable a clear dients. The committee faced the dilemma that doses were differentiation between an animal dietary supplement and a neither consistent nor directly related to a common safety food additive or animal drug as well as factors that differen- endpoint and often varied considerably across studies (e.g., tiate regulation of human and animal dietary supplements.
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... Similarly, extensive exposure without specifically monitoring biomarkers of adverse effects does Evaluation of the Suitability of Data for Assessing not necessarily demonstrate safety. Animal Dietary Supplement Safety An adverse event reporting system for animal dietary supplements would be very helpful.
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... The and evening primrose oil, but probably more on target for threshold level above which the risk of an adverse event garlic because of the reporting of adverse events. However, will increase significantly is likely to be between 15 and for all of the study limitations outlined above, a more pre200 mg/kg BW of dried garlic, more probably between 90 cise definition of safe intake levels would be conjecture.

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