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Appendix B: Briefings to the Committee and Discussions
Pages 114-119

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From page 114...
... Appendix B Briefings to the Committee and Discussions OPEN COMMITTEE MEETINGS January 31-February 2, 2007 Welcome and Opening Comment David Achterberg, P.E. -- Director, Bureau of Reclamation, Security, Safety and Law Enforcement Office (SSLE) SSLE Program Reviews David Achterberg -- SSLE Overview • Review of policies, procedures, and budget and program management • Discussion of current issues in SSLE and in regional and area offices Don Taussig -- Security Program Vincent Parolisi -- Law Enforcement Program Kathy Norris -- Emergency Management Program May 2-4, 2007 Executive Overview-SSLE Larry Parkinson -- Deputy Assistant Secretary, Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Management, Department of Interior Risk Assessment Overview David Achterberg -- Dam Safety Risk Assessment Methodology 114
From page 115...
... Army Corps of Engineers Enrique Matheu -- Department of Homeland Security Doug Bellomo -- Federal Emergency Management Agency Bureau of Reclamation Headquarters Perspective Larry Todd -- Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation COMMITTEE DISCUSSIONS AND SITE VISITS AT RECLAMATION REGIONS The committee organized itself into two- or three-member teams, with one team assigned to visit each of the five regions comprising the Bureau of Reclamation. The visits took place between June 3 and August 5, 2007.
From page 116...
... Security Is SSLE moving in the right direction, from the region's perspective? How does SSLE's approach to managing security risks compare to how such activities have been implemented by the regions?
From page 117...
... Who has the authority/responsibility for dealing with threats? Have you engaged in target hardening (barricades, surveillance cameras, checking identification regularly, use of technology)
From page 118...
... Describe any data- or incident-sharing activities that you have in place with the local law enforcement agencies. Emergency Management How is planning for emergency exercise programs conducted?
From page 119...
... What is the role of local/state law enforcement (sheriff's office, state police, county police, or municipal police) in handling routine crime and disorder problems?

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